Our Whisky

If you’re looking to fill your glass with a new favourite flavour, look no further. Cutty Sark’s two whiskies are beautifully crafted in different ways, to be enjoyed for different occasions.

Both born to be mixed, Cutty Sark has remained synonymous with creating great tasting drinks for enjoying in great company.

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Cutty Sark Whisky

There’s no doubt that Cutty Sark Original is our blended whisky hero. Refreshing, light and easy to drink, it’ll be a winner at your next night out. There really are no rules when it comes to mixing our blended whisky, all we know is that it tastes unbelievable!


Prohibition Edition

Prohibition has a super smooth finish you won’t be able to forget. A blend of the finest single malts and top-quality grain whiskies, it’s inspired by Bill McCoy’s courage to introduce Cutty Sark into Prohibition-dry America. Bottle at 50% ABV, its full flavour stands out excellently in cocktails. So impress your friends the next chance you get, with the whisky in the black glass bottle.